Driving Hewlett Packard Chromebook Sales

Photo by XPS on Unsplash

10 different models sold out within weeks of the pandemic lockdown and pleased to see one model with the Intel Modem card electronics (my most viewed article, 1GBps, 2.4GHz/5GHz Intel PCI card up/down WiFi 130MBps) installed in it.

In August 2014 bought my HP Pavilion 14-c002sa Chromebook. Product Specifications listed:

HP Pavilion 14-c002sa Chromebook Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

The HDMI port allows connecting it up to the HP 32” monitor and then plug in the Wireless adapter for the HP Keyboard and Mouse pair.

Record Videos with the inbuilt webcam and microphone allows…

Electronic Differential Motor Controller

Electrical Vehicles 02

A series of articles describing the different subsystems and how they work.


The Electronic Differential Motor Controller(EDMC) ensures the direction of each motor. Motor controllers and related components have been well developed. Benefiting from airplane and train control technologies.

The Steering wheel

Sets direction of travel. As straight, left, or right using a resolver control board with outputs to the EDMC. A reverse button causes the EDMC to reverse the direction of the motors and send the vehicle in a reverse direction with a beeping sound and motion sensor to detect approaching vehicles, motorbikes, cyclists or pedestrians, etc.



Business Plan for Belgium’s Professional Card

1st Page

Name: Joe Bloggs

Freelance Independent Consultant or Technical Writer or Engineer or Software Developer Business Plan for Belgium’s Professional Card

2nd Page

Introduction with photo.

What skills can you offer to organisations and companies in Belgium.What courses have you completed related to these skills.

Completed a 5 year Electronic Apprenticeship, learned basic engineering skills and made my own toolset and multi-meter. Then learned to assemble, test and install radar and auto-pilot systems in jets and boats. …

Comparing the US with the UK and Europe

History to current status


England has now had over 300 years without revolution, civil war or serious invasion.

The US was misled by Trump and other right wing supporters revolting at Capitol Hill riots, civil war between states and claiming invasion from South America and the need to build a wall.

Both Trump and Biden have tried to keep the UK in the EU.

The EU Commission have managed to upset the remaining member countries’ citizens with the Vaccination mess and holding on to the support funding when Germany and France complained about their inaction.

Remember it is a well guarded secret how positions in the EU Commission are…

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